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The New International Spy Museum .

AVisitors tour the new International Spy Museum during a media preview ahead of its opening in Washington, DC, May 7, 2019. A lipstick pistol, a button-hole camera, a lethal umbrella and an authentic waterboarding table: the espionage worlds' heroic, ingenious and sordid sides are all on show in Washington's all-new, much-expanded International Spy Museum. SAUL LOEB / AFP

Moroccan-born designer creates moving art through fashion '

We saw Combalat’s latest collection at this year’s Africa Fashion International Cape Town Fashion Week held at the Cape Town International Conference Center. I spoke to the fine artist and fashion designer who describes her work as a modern fusion of fashion and art about her latest collection and the inspiration behind her work. “

New York City’s Most Instagrammable Public Art (That’s Not the Vessel)

  " Thanks to Frieze Sculpture and the Public Art Fund, there are more reasons than ever to get some snaps with your sun. Despite—or perhaps because of—the Vessel’s savage reviews, it’s become a hit on social media. Currently, there are 45,000 #thevessel entries on Instagram alone, and it’s not even high tourist season yet. (The idea of families dragging themselves up those staircases in the August heat is borderline #unthinkable.)

Architecture graduate student shares story behind ‘More Than a Color’ art project

If you’ve been to the Student Union recently, chances are you’ve seen Gabby Coleman’s art on campus. Coleman, graduate student in architecture, is an artist and activist who turned a studio assignment into an amplifier for student voices to be heard at Kansas State University. “More Than A Color” started as an art installation assignment for a studio class, but she said it has grown to represent more than a simple classroom project. Coleman, originally from Madison, Alabama, was drawn to K-State for the Department of Architecture’s five-year master’s degree program. “I thought [architecture] would be a good way to combine math and tangible things that we learned in high school that I did well at and art,” Coleman said. “My interest is doing what I consider ‘social architecture.’ Sometimes our profession gets a little disconnected from the people that it’s serving. … I’m searching to help people through building or rebuilding, so it’s a very intentional type of work.”

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